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Affectionately called “The little Lahiri Mahasay” by his disciples, Dr. Raghabananda Nayak is the only disciple of Paramahamsa Hariharananda to have ever attained the Samadhi state on the day of his Kriya Yoga initiation in 1965, just as Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya did when Mahavatar Babaji initiated him. 


Under the guidance of Paramahamsa Hariharananda, Raghabananda completed all the higher Kriya at the Karar Ashram, Puri, and was empowered as an accomplished Acharya in 1974.


In 1992 his beloved guru conferred on him the title of Rajarshi, “Royal Sage”, the highest honor conferred to householder disciples.


On May 25, 2013 he was honored as Brahmarshi,

a realized householder yogi.

Brahmarshi Raghabananda
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